Platoniq applies agile design thinking to facilitate a deeper and more democratic engagement with cultural Heritage and co-design digital tools and methodologies for civic participation in education, economics and social innovation.
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Cultural and Social Innovation

Platoniq is a team of social innovators and digital platform developers based in Barcelona, Palma and Madrid. Since 2001, the association of Civic Tech, free and open culture and citizen participation has been our main driving force to create social innovation regionally, nationally and internationally. We're involved in emerging models and economic sustainability practices around commons oriented projects and cultural heritage addressing and exploring topics, such as cooperativism, collaborative economy, crowdsourcing, civic crowdfunding and matchfunding.

Methodologies and tools

We love designing unconventional public formats and participation dynamics to enhance co-creation and learning. We create digital tools to gather new ideas, problems and solutions, drawning them from citizens and/or members from one or several organizations. Apps for collective decision making and democratic voting, suitable for events and project development!
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The power of the crowd

Platoniq is the Founder of the Goteo platform, a recognized, award-winning creator of an open standard for crowdfunding for social impact and generating new digital commons. More than 100 workshops allready and a 6 years experience of running a successful platform!
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Markets of Ideas

Platoniq designs open and inclusive phygital spaces to improve the impact of civic initiatives, testing and validating effective means of incentivising progressive engagement and long term participation in crowd-based collective intelligence.
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Goteo. Monedas de 5 gotas

El proceso de decidir a qué proyecto o proyectos se destinará el total de las cuotas de inscripción del taller nos pondrá en la tesitura de pensar y compartir con el resto los criterios que impulsan a donar dinero a un proyecto y no a otro.