Actors and collectives related with Platoniq's philosophy and practice who collaborated or are still collaborating with us. Thanks to Contributors, Youcoop's ecosystem is sustainable and its field of action is always full of new ideas.
BCK Seville

Teemu Leinonen

Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

Communities / NetworksTecnology reappropiationICTs

Participate in: MobilEDUCATION

Teemu Leinonen (born in 1969) has worked in research and development of online education for more than a decade. His areas of interest and his expertise include issues such as design applied to teaching, computerbased collective learning, online cooperation, design of software for learning, educational planning and policies... Since 1998, Teemu... Read more

The People Speak

Published on 01/13/2009 - Contributors

Self-managementCommunities / NetworksAnalogies of digital

Participate in: Who Wants To Be?

A group that develops ideas, technologies and strategies that offer the opportunity to talk and discuss in a fun and open way. They mainly create events, architectures, systems and processes that encourage people to express themselves, share ideas, flirt and be as creative as possible. They have developed the following projects: Talkaoke, Traffic Island, One Night Grandstand, Who Wants To Be. In short, these projects experiment with new, simple,... Read more

Saul Albert

Published on 01/13/2009 - Contributors

Self-managementCommunities / NetworksAnalogies of digital

Participate in: Who Wants To Be?

Artist and activist. Co-founder of The People Speak and founder of the University of Openness. He has worked in several initiatives in the fields of media art and activism such as: Twenteenth Century, University of Openess, Node London and Dorkbot London. He also collaborates with The Open Knowledge Foundation. Read more

Yuwei Lin

Published on 01/13/2009 - Contributors

Communities / NetworksICTs

Participate in: Co-Authoring Exercise, iCalendar Aggregation

Taiwanese researcher. In 2000, she joined the Unit for Studies in Science and Technology at the Department of Sociology at the University of York. She began his PhD project entitled "Hacking Practices and Software Development: A Social Worlds Analysis of ICT Innovation and the Role of Open Source Software", which she finished in 2004. Her current research interests focus on open software and open source studies (FLOSS); science and technology studies... Read more
"Samedies, Femmes et Logiciels Libres"


Published on 01/13/2009 - Contributors

Co-LearningCommunities / NetworksTecnology reappropiationAnalogies of digital

Participate in: Aprendizaje y uso de software libre por y para mujeres, Legal Performance

Constant is a group of artists based in Brussels. They link theoretical thinking, critical use of new technologies, artistic behaviour and political debate on the Internet, while they also organize workshops, conferences and exhibitions in public spaces. The main issues they deal with are: open... Read more
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