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Sessions on applied creativity, experimental dynamics of co-learning, co-working or collective decision making. Games and methodologies that help to understand how some networks protocols or emblematic digitals tools work. Innovative formats.

iCalendar Aggregation

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Contributors: Yuwei Lin, Enrico Zini

a) Concept, practise, tool in which it is inspired upon There are diverse ranges of knowledge and resources scattered on the Internet. And it would be helpful to aggregate and merge them to better information exchange and sharing. Good technological examples include: 1) Blog planet, a way of aggregating all the blogs written by people in the same network; 2) RSS Feed, a way of getting informed of new information if subscribed to the service. This game will show how such a thing is done in a social setting and related educational aspects. b) Goals • Creating a massive pool of resources by bringing together small individual ideas/things. • Facilitating calendar information exchange. • Identifying common interests and common ground. • Learning how to keep participants interested in working with teams. c) Operating instructions 1. Participants will be assigned a piece of... Read more
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